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(ctl) 1b. Engage with Lenovo to adapt with strength, agility and expertise. (public)

Engage with Lenovo to adapt with strength, agility and expertise.

Lenovo 360 fully supports our channel partners, enabling mutual growth through a constantly evolving framework. It brings together flexible solutions, sales enablement, incentives and community initiatives. As a partner. through Lenovo 360 we can work together to enhance your agility, strengthen your competitive position and broaden areas of expertise.


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(iconfeature) 3b. Why Partner with Lenovo? (public)

Why Partner with Lenovo?

The market is rapidly evolving and keeping up with the pace of change can be a challenge. Lenovo 360 is designed to help our Partners adapt and meet emerging market needs, while gaining the full benefit of our channel ecosystem.

Strengthen your position

Choose from our broad portfolio of hardware, software and services to sell the solutions that suit your business.

Respond to customer needs

Meet individual customer priorities using our agile sales models to match the latest tech with emerging trends.

Invest in your success

Take advantage of the expertise, incentives and tools within our ecosystem to support your business growth.


(cti) 4. Accelerate your growth

(iconfeature) 5. What makes Lenovo 360?

What makes Lenovo 360?

There are three core pillars of investment, which are brought together to create a framework for business evolution.


Simplify your everyday business tasks with our outcome-based solutions, automated marketing resources and sales enablement tools.


Create closer ties across our partner ecosystem with access to a range of subject matter experts, specialist communities and events for sharing knowledge, expertise and support.


Engage with our commercial incentives, competencies and accreditation programs to accelerate your own learning and enhance your revenue.


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